Local Planet began with a simple idea: Create an online destination that curates the most interesting and relevant content from the world of design, sustainability and social consciousness.

In pursuing that idea, we’ve learned that the world is full of smart people. We’ve realized that new, innovative ideas are not rare, but often just around the corner. And we’ve seen with our own eyes the positive impact business can have on communities.

Because of this work, we see the world differently. “Local” is not limited by geography. It is an ever-growing sphere of constituents – your employees, your customers, and your communities.

Today, Local Planet is more than just an online destination. We also help brands and organizations of all sizes align their business strategy with the growing and unique needs of local communities.

We call it Local Planet Strategy.

Like other branding firms, Local Planet Strategy offers ideation, workshops, design and visual communications. But it’s our ever-changing perspective that makes us different. We keep a constant eye on the ideas and issues shaping our planet’s future, and help our clients adjust accordingly by taking them through a process that begins with challenging questions and always ends with smart, well-designed results.

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