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At $179k Steve Glenn's C6 Living Home blends high aesthetics with affordability

Long Beach, USA

With sustainable homes regularly coming in at $220+ a sf or more they are often a bit out of range for the vast majority of those looking to do the right thing. Steve Glenn is quite familiar with this concept with a number of his previous concepts certainly well within and sometimes beyond that price. This $145 a sf is a nice step in a direction that brings a great idea potentially into the hands of more willing buyers. The C6 was designed in partnership with Brad Pitt and William McDonough of the Make It Right foundation as well as Cavco, a leading manufacturer of prefabricated homes.

The $179,000 home is 1,200 sf and sports cork flooring, solar PV, custom high-effeciency light installation as well as low flow fixtures and a gray water system. The homes key architectural feature is the private center courtyard allowing the home to be installed in locations with narrow lot lines yet still have privacy.

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