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Pixel in Australia has received the highest LEED rating of any building ever

Carlton, Australia

Developed by Grocon in 2010 in Australia along with design consultants Umow Lai and the architecture firm studio505 Pixel has now achieved the holy grail of sustainable design, the highest ever LEED rating. It's facade, the most striking characteristic of the building and blended nicely with the Pixel brand concept, is also functional allowing shade control while still allowing viewable sunlight. Atop the structure live the vertical wind turbines as well as both fixed and tracking solar panels. This along with a multitude of interior environmental details as well as water collection round out the program to put this building on top with 105 out of a possible 110 LEED points, the highest ever. With over 44,000 LEED certified buildings in over 120 countries this building is now the benchmark.

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